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Writer / Researcher & Adult Industry Architect



Its lucid fair the morning star

If earth wake up late

Before the sun rise

Natural eyes can stare

At the dog star third eyes

I will not wait for sunlight


Its a million degree of darkness

The tan is evidence easy to see

On the wild and uncivilized

The epidermis feel the free sunshine

The civil wear uniform

To be protected from sunburn


Inhibited buy suntan in packages

bluffer collect in the name of light

From the see vows pretender

As the deed vows new master


A so soleness bright light

Few seconds of obvious stare

The consequences is blind

Artificial shade is safety

Unnatural but only way to see

The sun more like art & fiction


Its a resonate "yes"

I will not look up to the sun

In daylight I'll lost my vision

I will wait for night fall

Blackmailed so ideas don't sell

Block to be exploited, I wont go


I escape the black hole  

Although its true

The light did not make it

The darkness keep getting lighter

As my eyes start to adapt


At the end of the day

The corona can be seen

Without wearing shade

While standing in the shade

As the sunset to the west


Later before its too late

Some nights its moon light

I am I, not Je suis a toi

The sun is free for all  


Richard G Sam Copyright © February 26, 2010